Month: March 2017

Traffic Stop Suspect Flees from Law Enforcement

March 28, 2017
At approximately 7:45 pm yesterday evening Corporal Brandin
Sullivan conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Pine and Hurst Street
in Bronson. Corporal Sullivan spoke to the driver who identified himself as
Mike Davis. Mr. Davis told Corporal Sullivan he did not have a driver’s license
and was arrested. Corporal Sullivan handcuffed Davis and discovered he had
narcotics in his possession when he searched Davis’ person. Davis was then
placed into the back seat of Corporal Sullivan’s patrol vehicle.
Corporal Sullivan requested back up and conducted a more thorough
search of the vehicle Davis was driving. During this search more narcotics and
drug paraphernalia were found. Corporal Sullivan also discovered the driver,
Davis, has given a fictitious name. The driver was identified as William Justin
Ford (12-21-90) who has a Bronson address.
As Corporal Sullivan was completing his search, he heard a commotion
in his patrol vehicle and saw that Ford has slipped his handcuffs to the front
of his body and was able to escape on foot. Corporal Sullivan and back-up
deputies gave chase. Additional LCSO units, K-9 Deputies and the Marion County
Sheriff’s Office Air unit searched the area. However, Ford was able to escape.
A warrant for the arrest of William Justin Ford, described
as a black male and was last seen wearing red athletic shorts, no shirt and
black tennis shoes, is being obtained. Ford has a history of drug possession
and resisting arrest.
Any person living in the Bronson area near Pine/Hurst Street
is asked to be on the lookout for Ford. If seen IMMEDIATELY call 911. Do not
attempt to approach or apprehend him

Teenaged Crime Spree – One Bad Decision After Another

March 27, 2017
Kennith Baldinelli (17) of Melrose and Titan O. Chaney (15)
of Middleburg stole a car to meet a girl in Williston. This was their first bad
decision. When they got there, they ditched the first car they had stolen from
the Melrose area of Alachua County. This vehicle was recovered by the Levy
County Sheriff’s Office but no arrests were made because no suspects had yet
been identified.
The boy’s later stole a 2006 Pontiac from a residence near
Williston. The duo then stopped by a local convenience store to get a cold
drink. The store’s video surveillance system recorded the pair. This is also where
a Williston Police Officer briefly spoke to the boys. The WPD officer had no
reason to detain them since the Pontiac had not been reported stolen. The pair
then abandoned the Pontiac at a store near the gas station and later stole a
2007 Chevy Silverado from a nearby home. This is where their plans fell
through. The girl ditched them (smart girl) so the boys decided to take a road
This was their final poor decision, because the Williston
resident and owner of the pick-up immediately reported his vehicle stolen. The
truck was entered into a nationwide database as a stolen vehicle and the Tift
County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia located and promptly arrested the two. They
were placed in their juvenile detention center. Levy County Investigators were
notified by Tift County they had recovered the truck and arrested them. LCSO
investigators applied for and received juvenile pick-up orders to return
Baldinelli and Chaney to Levy County where they will face two counts of grand
theft of a motor vehicle. LCSO investigators have also been in communication
with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and shared the information on these
two. ACSO is expected to file additional charges in their jurisdiction. 

Felon Re-offender Arrested

March 27, 2017
Levy County Sheriff’s Office Investigators solved two recent
burglary and theft cases on March 20th with the arrest of Stephen
Scott Albert Wyer (8-22-79) of Fanning Springs. Wyer was released from prison
approximately one year ago after he was convicted for the production of
methamphetamines and grand theft in Alachua County. Since his release, he has
stolen a washer and dryer from a home in Fanning Springs earlier this month and
pawned them at a local pawn shop. Wyer also stole a .357 from his girlfriend’s
father’s home too. Wyer’s girlfriend confronted him, so he returned the gun.
Wyer has been arrested and charged with burglary, grand
theft, dealing in stolen property, grand theft of a firearm and possession of a
firearm by a convicted felon. He was booked into the Levy County Detention
Facility and his bond has been set at $225,000.00.



Three Teens Arrested

March 27, 2017
Three Williston teens were arrested by Levy County
Sheriff’s Office investigators on Tuesday afternoon. Zachary L. Chism (14),
Daniel Melendez (16) and Tyler A. Dutka (16) were taken into custody and have
been charged with multiple crimes. Investigators Scott Stancil and CJ Perryman identified
Dutka as a potential suspect while working on an unrelated investigation. The investigators
subsequently identified Chism and Melendez after Dutka was interviewed.
Residents in the area of the Williston Golf and
Country Club discovered fuel, fishing supplies, a battery and a cooler had been
taken from boats and trucks parked in their yards. The three juveniles cut fuel
hoses, punctured gas tanks and stole items from boats and trucks during a
February crime spree. The victims in four reported cases estimate losses due to
vandalism and theft at over $1,500.
The three juveniles were booked in at the Levy
County Detention Facility and were later released to their guardians. These
three will appear in the Levy County courts later to answer to these charges.

Cedar Key Plane Crash Update

March 7, 2017
On February 12, 2017 a single engine plane inbound to Cedar
Key crashed into the Gulf of Mexico approximately 6 miles SSE of the island.
The pilot, Jasper Jerrels, passengers Hue Singletary and Dylan Jerrels
perished. Both Jasper Jerrels and Hue Singletary were found by search crews.
Dylan was not located.
On March 1, 2017 the LCSO, assisted by the Alachua County
Sheriff’s Office dive team, responded near the coordinates where the main
fuselage of the downed aircraft was located. Dan Griffith, owner/operator of
the volunteer organization Florida Sonar Search Team, located debris and
requested divers take a closer look to identify the objects. ACSO dive team
members located personal effects and bone fragments at this location. The bone
fragments have been examined by the Medical Examiner’s Office and verified as
human bone. Based upon the location where they were found and type of bone, it
is believed these are the remains of Dylan Jerrels. Additional DNA testing will
be conducted to positively confirm this.
Sheriff McCallum vowed to continue the search for Dylan
until he was located. He said, “I know this family personally and can
understand the pain this family has to endure. I will continue this search
until we can offer closure to Dylan’s family.” Search crews are scheduled to
conduct additional searches in this same location later this week.
Sheriff McCallum also expressed his thanks to all the
agencies, other Sheriff’s Offices and all volunteers that have aided us in this
search, especially Mr. Griffith. Their assistance has been remarkable and is
very much appreciated.