Month: January 2017

Multi County Carjacking Suspect Apprehended

January 26, 2017
On January 26, 2017 at 0905 the Levy County Sheriff’s Office
911 Center received a call and subsequent BOLO from the Dixie County Sheriff’s
Office. 911 operators from the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office told the LCSO
their deputies were responding to a reported carjacking in Old Town. Dixie
County operators told the LCSO the stolen vehicle was a black truck pulling a
camper. Dixie County also told the LCSO the suspect was armed with a handgun.
At 0912 hours the Levy County Sheriff’s 911 Center received
simultaneous calls from a bystander and a victim at the Waco 6 Citgo gas
station located at 8731 NW 174 Street in Fanning Springs. Both reported an
armed man had just carjacked a gold Chevrolet truck. They told 911 operators
the carjacked vehicle was fleeing south on US Hwy 19 from the store.
Deputy Nelson Macias was pulling into the gas station as
this report was being made and the dispatch call was being broadcast. The
victim pointed at the vehicle departing the parking lot and Deputy Macias gave pursuit.
Additional units were notified of the pursuit as well as the
Chiefland Police Department (CPD). The pursuit continued south on US 19 and
into the City of Chiefland. CPD units deployed “Stop-Sticks” which are utilized
to deflate the suspect vehicle tires. However, the still unidentified driver
was able to avoid the CPD officer’s efforts.
LCSO Deputies now accompanied by CPD Officers continued to
pursue the vehicle south on US 19 at speeds reaching 100 MPH. LCSO Deputies
deployed stop sticks at the intersection of US 19 and SR 24 in Otter Creek
which the driver was able to evade. Stop sticks were again deployed at the
intersection of US 19 and CR 326 in Gulf Hammock and again the driver was able
to evade them.
Approximately one mile south of Gulf Hammock, LCSO Lt. Jimmy
Anderson, who was driving the primary pursuit vehicle, took evasive actions as
the suspect driver abruptly locked up his brakes. Lt. Anderson stated the
suspect vehicle abruptly locked up the brakes a second time and lost control of
the vehicle. Lt. Anderson, who was in the outside south bound lane on US 19
said the vehicle rotated clockwise and entered his lane of travel from the
inside lane. Lt. Anderson’s vehicle stuck the suspect’s vehicle in the
passenger door and both vehicles slid off the south shoulder. Chief Scott
Anderson, Chief of Police for CPD, had to take evasive actions to avoid
crashing into both Lt. Anderson’s vehicle and the suspect’s vehicle.  Chief Anderson’s vehicle slid to a stop on
the south shoulder and struck a tree.
Both Chief Anderson and Lt. Anderson quickly exited their
vehicle and both reported hearing a gunshot. Chief Anderson was able to move
into a position and observed the driver of the suspect vehicle suffered a self-inflicted
gunshot wound to the head.
The suspect did not have identification and has not been
identified at this time. The Levy County Department of Public Safety (LCDPS)
responded to the scene and transported the suspect to a landing zone where ShandsCair
flew the subject for emergency treatment at Shands at UF.
One LCSO vehicle was damaged in the pursuit and one CPD
vehicle was damaged. No injuries to any LCSO deputies were reported. However,
the Chiefland Chief of Police Scott Anderson sustained minor injuries and was
treated by LCDPS at the scene. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) responded to
the crash scene to conduct the crash investigation.

Team Work Nets 5 Drug Arrests

January 20, 2017
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force Division (DTF)
and the Chiefland Police Department (CPD) combined forces yesterday to complete
an investigation which began months ago. Investigators with both agencies began
receiving citizen complaints in September of 2016 that the home located at 8841
NW 174 Street in Fanning Springs was being used to manufacture and sell
methamphetamines. Citizens reported an unusual chemical smell around this home and
an increase in both foot and vehicle traffic coming and going at all hours of
the night.
DTF investigators identified the home was owned by Michael
Austin Jones (3-25-53) and was often occupied by numerous other individuals.
Jones allowed a shed in his back yard to be converted into an apartment and
allowed a couple to move in. Investigators gained information that methamphetamine was purchased from the residence owned by Jones in September.
Shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday morning DTF investigators, CPD
investigators and members of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division
executed a search warrant on Jones’ home. Investigators located and arrested
five (5) people on a myriad of charges ranging from possession of ammunition by
a convicted felon to manufacturing methamphetamines. In addition to these
arrests, investigators discovered an active methamphetamine lab in Jones’ room
which had to be rendered safe by HAZMAT trained investigators before a complete
search for additional narcotics in the home could be safely conducted.
The following images are the individuals arrested in this
operation and their charges upon their booking at the Levy County Detention
Facility. Additional charges are anticipated on some of these individuals as
this investigation continues.
Austin Jones (3-25-53)
·        Two counts of Possession of Methamphetamine
·        Two counts of Sale of Methamphetamine
Total Bond $200,000 

Wesley Stewart (6-9-60)
Possession with Intent to Sell Methamphetamine
Sale of Methamphetamine
Total Bond $100,000
Nancy Kay
Barton (8-3-69)
2 counts of Possession with Intent to Sell
2 counts of Sale of Methamphetamine
Total Bond $200,000 

Deanna Marie
Drew (11-29-85)
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Total Bond $26,000
Philip Cody
Morgan (12-30-87) (Morgan was released from the Florida Department of
Corrections on 1-12-17)
Possession of Ammo by Convicted Felon
Total Bond $30,000


911 Service Restored

January 10, 2017 8:35 PM

911 service has been restored to Levy County. Citizens needing emergency response for Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire can resume use of 911.

911 Disruption in LEVY COUNTY

January 10, 2017

The 911 function for LEVY COUNTY has been disrupted. Citizens needing immediate help need to call the Levy County Sheriff’s Office at 352-486-5111 or 1-800-538-9767.


911 for LEVY COUNTY has been disrupted and is not currently working.
A fiber optic cable has been damaged and is currently being repaired. Until repairs are complete, 911 in LEVY COUNTY will not work.

UPDATES to follow.

Vandals Spray Paint Signs

January 10, 2017
On December 23, 2016 at approximately 10 a.m., LCSO Deputies
responded to the Buck Bay subdivision located on NW 70 Avenue in Chiefland
after receiving a report of vandalism. A Buck Bay resident found the entrance
sign and the road at the entrance to the subdivision had been spray painted
with sexually explicit symbols and other symbols commonly associated with hate
groups. Road signs at the entrance had been removed and painted, too. Shortly
after receiving this report, other reports of similar types of damage in this
same general area were called into the Dispatch Center at the LCSO. Deputies
collected evidence located at each scene and discovered most, if not all of
these acts, appeared to have been perpetrated by the same individuals.
Deputy J.J. Roe had previously located two juveniles asleep
in a disabled vehicle in the 9500 block of NW 70th Avenue prior to
the first vandalism report being filed. Deputy Roe noticed the juveniles had
dirty dark colored finger tips during his interview with them. Deputy Roe
contacted the juvenile’s parents to come and remove the disabled car and take
them home.
Deputy Roe continued his investigation and documented the
bar code from spray paint cans he collected at the Buck Bay crime scene. He
contacted Loss Prevention at Wal-Mart and reviewed video surveillance footage.
Deputy Roe discovered multiple cans of the same type and color of spray paint
had been purchased at approximately 3 a.m. by the juveniles he located earlier
that morning. Deputy Roe later contacted and interviewed the juveniles, Cason
Smith (16) and Dawlton Tilley (16), who confessed to each act.
Smith and Tilley were arrested on December 25, 2016 and have
been charged with Criminal Mischief (Property Damage) to the Buck Bay
Subdivision signs, Long Pond Baptist Church signs, First Baptist Church of
Chiefland signs and numerous road signs. The estimated damage exceeds $4,200
combined in these incidents. Both Smith and Tilley have been released to their
parents and will be appearing in the Levy County Courts to answer to these felony