Month: December 2014




Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possible construction scam
in the Bronson area today.  The Suspect
approached a homeowner and offered to do a paving job with “leftover”
materials.  After agreeing to the offer
verbally, the Suspect attempted to change the price and the homeowner contacted
the Sheriff’s Office. 

the deputies arrived, the Suspect could not produce a valid contractor’s
license.  All forms of identification
indicated that the construction crew was from outside the Levy County
area.  The Suspect agreed to discontinue
work and not charge the homeowner.  He
left the area along with his crew. 

encourages all citizens to be on the alert for these types of scams.  They tend to increase this time of the year
when the scammers migrate to Florida
from colder climates.  Possible warning
signs to look for include unsolicited offers to do work and offers to use
“leftover” materials at a very low price. 


encourage everyone to do business with reputable local contractors to avoid
being scammed. Please report any suspected fraud or other suspicious activity
to LCSO at 352-486-5111 or to Crime Stoppers of Levy County at

Levy County Sheriff’s
(352) 486-5111

“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.



Comprehensive Roadside Safety Checkpoint to Be Conducted


Comprehensive Roadside Safety
Checkpoint to Be Conducted


          The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and The Florida Highway
Patrol will be conducting a Comprehensive Roadside Safety Check Point (CRSC).
This dual agency check point will be conducted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014,
beginning at 10:00 PM. at 13574 North
US Highway 19, Chiefland, Florida. 


The objectives of this
checkpoint are as follows:


Deter vehicles
from being operated on the highways with defective equipment;


Deter drivers
from operating vehicles without a valid driver’s license;


Deter drivers
from operating vehicles without proper insurance and/or proper registration;


Deter impaired
driving and thereby reducing deaths, injury, and property damage caused by alcohol
and drug impaired drivers;

Deter impaired
drivers before a crash occurs;

checkpoints with a minimum amount of intrusion and motorist inconvenience; and

Ensure the safety
of the affected motorist and officers.


To further enhance highway
safety, LCSO and the FHP encourage all citizens using the highways to report
suspected impaired drivers to the nearest law enforcement agency.  When making your report you should attempt to
provide the following information: 


          A.  Where you saw the
vehicle and its direction of travel;

          B.  The vehicle
description including its color, make and model; 

          C.  A description of
the driver; and

          D.  The vehicle
license plate information. 


Cellular phone callers can
contact the nearest FHP
Communications Center
by dialing “Star FHP” (*347).  This is a
free call that is provided as a courtesy by the cellular phone companies in Florida.  Callers can report any emergency, including
an impaired driver, by calling 911. 


Roadside Safety Checkpoints
are one part of the enforcement plan to enhance highway safety for all our
citizens and the visitors to our State. 


Bronson Burglary Ring Uncovered

 Jordan Price

Gatlin Clark

Bronson Burglary Ring Uncovered


Levy County Sheriff’s Office has made one arrest and has identified two other
individuals who are believed to be responsible for more than 20 separate
burglaries in the Bronson area.  The
crimes stretch over a period of 14 months. 
The locations that had been targeted included various businesses as well
as schools in the Town of Bronson. 

investigation gained momentum when Deputies from our Patrol Division intensified
patrols around the buildings that were being burglarized.  On December 19th, Deputies Jeremy
Dean and Justin Van Duren completed a Field Interview Report on Jordan Ray Price
(11-13-94).  LCSO Investigators Scott
Stancil and Noel Ramirez were able to take the information from the report and
positively identify Price as one of the individuals who had broken into Bronson Middle High School
on multiple occasions.  Eventually they were
able to identify two additional suspects in some of the crimes. 

December 24, LCSO Deputies arrested Jordan Price on one count of Burglary,
Criminal Mischief and Trespassing on the Bronson Middle / High School
Grounds.  His bond has been set at
$16,500.00 and he remains incarcerated at the Levy County
Detention Center. 

continue to build the cases against the known suspects.  They anticipate filing more than 50 criminal
charges in the combined cases. 

also requests the public’s assistance in locating Gatlin Michael Clark  (12-6-91). 
Clark is a person of interest in
several cases and is currently wanted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for a
Violation of Probation.   

thanks the public for their assistance in solving these cases.  Citizens are reminded they can report
suspicious activity to LCSO 24 hours a day at 352-486-5111.  They can also make anonymous reports to Crime
Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. 


Levy County Sheriff’s
(352) 486-5111

“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.






December 14, 2014

On December 8, 2012, Deputies
from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office responded to 10150 NE 48th Lane in Bronson
to the report of a deceased person.  The
investigation revealed that the resident, George Pierce (8-15-61), had been
murdered in his home. 
After following up on initial
leads, the investigation has gone cold. 
On the second anniversary of Mr. Pierce’s murder, LCSO Investigators are
asking the public for their assistance in closing this case for the friends and
family of Mr. Pierce.  Anyone wishing to
provide information can contact the lead investigator, Lt. Jimmy Anderson, at
the Sheriff’s Office. 


Crime Stoppers of Levy County has
authorized a cash award of up to $1,000.00 for information leading to the
arrest and prosecution of the person or persons involved in the murder.  That information can be provided anonymously
at 1-877-349-8477. 




“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.




County Deputy Sheriff Brandin Sullivan recently completed all the training
requirements of the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, also
known as the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program.  Deputy Sullivan became one of approximately
240 DRE’s in the State of Florida
and is the first with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. 

program began in the early 1970’s when personnel from the Los Angeles Police
Department developed it to combat drivers who were impaired by substances other
than or in addition to alcohol.  Today
the program is internationally successful and is endorsed by the International
Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety


his training, Deputy Sullivan (and all Drug Recognition Experts) are able to
identify impaired drivers and then determine the cause of the impairment.  Many times the DRE’s can determine the
category of drugs that is the likely cause of the impairment. 


Sullivan may now be qualified as an expert witness in court on a variety of
topics related to impaired individuals. 
He will be required to complete continuing education requirements to
maintain his expert status.  LCSO will
make Deputy Sullivan available to assist other law enforcement agencies
throughout Levy County with drug impaired driver

congratulates Deputy Sullivan on being selected for this prestigious program
and completing the rigorous requirements. 
Levy County roads will be safer due to Deputy
Sullivan’s enhanced ability to detect and evaluate impaired drivers. 


Levy County Sheriff’s
(352) 486-5111

“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.