Month: March 2011

Driveway Scams

Locally, we have seen a rise in driveway paving scams in and around the Levy County area. These scams have been focusing on the elderly and people on a limited or fixed income. The con artists come in and informs the victim(s) that “we have a deal for you”. They inform the homeowner that they have “just enough asphalt left over from another job”. These con artists are normally very polite and persuasive. There have been occasions when they even use pressure tactics and threats of intimidation. However, after the work is done and the driveway is paved the con artists demand a lot more money than was originally quoted. The asphalt used during the project is often low quality and their finished work product is questionable.


Never be pressured into something. If it does not feel right, trust your gut feelings and say no.

You pick the contractor; do not let them pick you.

Pay by check, NEVER give cash.

Only give 10-15 percent of job cost upfront.

Remember, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.