Month: November 2009

Williston Stand Off

MEDIA RELEASE Date: November 30, 2009Time: 5:00 P.M.
On November 29, 2009 the Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 at 2451 S.E. State Road 121 in Williston. The caller stated that six people entered his residence and attempted to kidnap him. During the incident the caller stated that he was thrown in the closet where he armed himself with a Glock 9mm pistol. The caller stated while the subjects were in the residence he exited the closet and shot a female police officer and another victim.
Upon arrival at the residence Corporal Lauree Allen heard several shots being fired from inside the residence and a perimeter was immediately set up around the residence. During the stand off State Road 121 had to be shut down for the safety of any motorist. Sergeant Danny Turner was able to speak to the reportee on the phone and he stated that he had shot several people that were still inside the residence and some of the subjects were able to escape prior to law enforcement arriving.
During the stand off a white adult male was seen exiting the residence armed with a pistol. The subject dropped the weapon and ran to deputies and stated there were injured people inside the residence. The tactical team entered the residence and did not locate anyone injured.

The investigation revealed that caller is a Vietnam Veteran and has some mental issues. Inside the residence he shot 33 times inside the residence. There were numerous firearms and over 6000 rounds of ammunition in the residence. The adult male was taken to the Veterans Hospital in Gainesville for a mental evaluation.

Jaree Stone Arrested

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                November 22, 2009 Time:                7:45 P.M.   Bronson, Florida-On November 21, 2009 Deputy Joseph Sabbag responded to 640 Mashburn Drive in reference to a disturbance.  The victim, Gerald Duke Jr. stated that he is friends with Jaree Stone and they got into a verbal altercation.  Stone left the residence and returned driving her vehicle off the roadway and attempting to run over the victim which was standing in driveway.   Stone was arrested for aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and transported to the Levy County Jail.   Jaree Gale Stone 3190 NE 192nd Ave. Williston, Florida White Female 01/15/71       ###

Charles Duke Indicted First Degree Murder

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                November 22, 2009 Time:                7:00 P.M.   On November 6, 2009 Charles Edwin Duke, 23, from Cedar Key, was arrested for second degree murder and armed kidnapping.  Duke allegedly shot and killed his wife Felicia Fine Duke only days after returning from their honeymoon.  After the murder Duke kidnapped his friend Justin White and drove to the power lines which are a common place for people to meet and mud bog.  After a six hour standoff with Sheriff Deputies and Officers from the Florida Wildlife Commission Duke surrendered to Sheriff Johnny Smith.   On November 20, 2009 Duke was indicted on first degree murder and armed kidnapping and he is currently in the Levy County Jail with no bond.         ###

Couple Arrested In Child Abuse Case

MEDIA RELEASEDate: November 20, 2009Time: 2:45 P.M.Williston, Florida-On November 20, 2009 Detective Roger Bell arrested Alexander Merida for lewd and lascivious molestation on a two year old child and also arrested his girlfriend, Christina Morales for neglect of a child. The investigation revealed that a DCF Investigator responded to the residence at 11452 NE 48 Street on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 in reference to a child abuse complaint. The investigator noticed injuries to the child’s face and scheduled a medical examine the following day. Upon the medical examine being performed the Levy County Sheriff’s Office was notified and Detective Roger Bell responded to the DCF Office in Gainesville. Morales began dating Merida eight months ago. Prior to Merida living at the residence, a 15 year old reported to Morales that Merida was bathing the child and she heard a noise that sounded like the child being slapped. During this incident Morales was at work but she asked Merida about the injuries when she returned home. Merida denied any involvement. Even though Morales was suspicious about this incident she allowed Merida to move into the residence and care for the children while she worked the night shift. Detective Bell observed obvious marks on the victim’s face from the nose to her right ear and questioned Morales about the injury. Morales concocted a story that her daughter was playing with her three year old brother and they were struggling over a toy and the victim fell and received the injury. Morales finally confessed and stated that about three weeks ago the child defecated on the carpet. For punishment Merida grabbed the child and rubbed her face in the carpet like you would discipline a dog for an accident. The child had scars on her buttocks and feet and Morales was questioned about this incident. Morales stated that approximately two months ago her children were outside playing in the yard and they came in the house with dirty feet. Morales asked her three year old son to take his sister in the bathroom and take a bath. According to Morales her son turned on only hot water which comes out of the faucet immediately. Scalding hot water burned the two year old child. Morales stated that she heard the baby screaming and removed her from the bath tub. Morales stated that she neglected to provide any medical service for the two injuries because she knew that DCF would remove her children from the residence. Upon a further medical examination the child had bruising and marks inside her inner thigh area and also a bite mark or suck type marks around the navel area. Through an interpreter Merida stated that he placed his mouth in the above areas and sucked hard enough to cause bruising. Merida was arrested for lewd and lascivious molestation on a 2 year old child and more charges will be filed at a later date. Merida is not a US citizen.Defendants:Christina Morales 14452 NE 48 StreetWilliston, FloridaWhite Female05/18/81 Alexander Merida14452 NE 48 StreetWilliston, FloridaGuatemala Male09/29/77###

Youth Arrested For Burglary & Arson

MEDIA RELEASE Date:                November 20, 2009 Time:                8:30 A.M.   Bronson, Florida-On November 18, 2009 Detective Jay Crooms arrested Duane Chartrand for burglary, arson, grand theft, petit theft and criminal mischief.   The Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a witness stating that they had observed a young white male leaving the residence at 10239 NE 69th Place.  The caller stated that the subject had a fire extinguisher in his hand and they saw smoke bellowing from the residence.  The witness grabbed his binoculars to get a better look at the subject and stated they were able to identify the subject as Duane Chartrand.   The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the Bronson Fire Department responded to the scene.  The fire was extinguished by the Fire Department and the victim stated that the fire caused over $ 3,500 in damages to the residence.  Detectives Crooms and Mike Narayan located Chartrand at his residence and he was taken into custody.  Chartrand admitted that he has a fire problem and likes to start fires.  Chartrand stated that he entered the residence through the back door and started a fire in the bedroom.  Upon entry Chartrand stole a fire extinguisher, which is a felony, and some loose coins.    Chartrand admitted to entering the residence two weeks prior to the above incident and stole some jewelry.  Chartrand will also be charged with another burglary and petit theft.   The Sheriff’s Office has had dealings with Mr. Chartrand in the past.  On March 25, 2008 Chartrand was arrested for lewd and lascivious molestation on a child.  The 2008 charge was later pled down to a child abuse and Chartrand is currently on probation.   Chartrand was booked in the Levy County Jail and was later transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Gainesville.   Defendant:   Duane Chartrand 10191 NE 74 Place Bronson, Florida White Male 07/29/92   ###