Month: October 2009

Scam & Theft In Williston Highlands Area


Williston, Florida- On October 15, 2009 two white males approached a residence in the Williston Highlands Neighborhood, knocked on the door, and then opened it and walked inside saying "Hello?, Hello?" The owner then said "who is it?" and they replied that their father had put the roof on this house and they were there to inspect the shingles. They advised the elderly woman that she needed to put on a pot of boiling water so they could test the shingles. The subject then asked the woman to walk around and tap on all the walls to make sure they were structurally sound.  The younger of the two men stayed with her the whole time and was advising her that his partner was on the roof checking the shingles. It appears that while the one man was with the woman, the other was going through her home stealing items. By her knocking on the walls, the second man always knew where she was–giving him free rein of the house. The men then left in a white pick-up or a white panel van. Around the same time, the same men went across the street and attempted to enter another residence. They knocked on the door, the owner came to door and was told the same story about the roof. The owner told him that his roof had not been put on by the subject's father as he had stated, and denied the men entry into the home. The men left. The younger of the two appeared to do all the talking.

Description of subjects:
1. White male, approximately 20 years old, 5'5 to  5'6, dark short hair, medium to heavy build

2. White male, approximately 60 years old,  approximately 5'9, salt and pepper hair, muscular build

There were conflicting descriptions of the vehicle.  One described it as a white pick-up, unknown year or make. The other described the vehicle as a white panel van.  Please remember all of the basic crime prevention tips that will make your house less attractive to would-be burglars or thieves and remember to lock your doors at all times and not lot anyone in your home and not to open the front door if you do not know them.

 As always, if you see anything suspicious, please immediately call the Levy County Sheriffs Office at 486-5111.  If you witness a crime in progress, please dial 911.  Neighborhood residents are our best defense against criminals.  Please stay alert for suspicious activity,look out your windows and pass this information to others.


Bronson Woman Arrested For Kicking Deputies

MEDIA RELEASE Date:                October 12, 2009 Time:                4:00 PM   Bronson, Florida-On October 9, 2009 Deputy Wilburn Wells arrested Karon Creal for battery, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest without violence and resisting arrest with violence.   On October 9, 2009 Deputy Wells responded to 621 Mashburn Drive in reference to a disturbance.  Upon arrival Deputy Wells met with the victim and she stated that her roommate Karon Creal was throwing her belongings out of the residence.  The victim stated that Creal grabbed the telephone from her and she was struck on the arm.  Deputy Wells informed Creal that she could not throw the victim’s personal property from the residence without a court eviction.  Deputy Wells attempted to talk to Creal but she refused to listen and walked away stating that she was getting her shoes.  Deputy Wells advised Creal to stop but she ignored his lawful order and ran into the woods.    A short time later Creal was located at the neighbor’s residence and she ran into the woods when she saw law enforcement.  Deputy Wells ordered her to stop several times but she refused to stop until Deputy Wells advised Creal that he would contact her probation officer.  Creal turned around and walked back to Deputy Wells. When Creal was told that she was under arrest she jerked away and attempted to spit on Deputy Wells.  Creal was placed on the ground and Creal resisted arrest with violence by kicking Deputy Joseph Sabbag in the chest and face.    Defendant:   Karon Creal 621 Mashburn Drive Bronson, Florida White Female 10/13/68   Charges:   Battery Two Counts Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer Resisting Arrest Without Violence Resisting Arrest With Violence     ###  

Bronson Man Arrested For Undercover Drug Buys

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                October 12, 2009 Time:                11:45 AM   Bronson, Florida-On October 9, 2009 the Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force arrested Kurtis Lorenzo Daniels for multiple felony drug charges in the City of Bronson.   Drug Agent Joey Barrera conducted an investigation on September 4, 2009 in the illegal narcotic transactions behind the Bronson Post Office.  Through the investigation a confidential informant was used to purchase crack cocaine from Daniels from September 4 through September 14, 2009.  Out of the four crack cocaine purchases two drug transactions were made within 1000 feet of public housing.  If Daniels is convicted for the sale and possession of crack cocaine within 1000 feet of public housing it does enhance the sentencing phase.  Daniels has a previous criminal past with law enforcement and has been convicted two times for felony drug charges.   Defendant:   Kurtis Lorenzo Daniels 5051 NW 61 Court Ocala, Florida Black Male 09/07/85   Charges:   Two Counts Sale of Crack Cocaine within 1000 Feet of Public Housing Two Counts Possession of Crack Cocaine within 1000 Feet of Public Housing Two Counts Sale of Crack Cocaine Two Counts Possession of Crack Cocaine   Bond:   $ 65,000 ###

Retired Police Officer Qualification Course

The Levy County Sheriffs office is proud to announce that on Oct 23 at 9am we will be qualifying retired police officers on the Florida State Qualification course to meet the National HR 214 requirement to carry a weapon nationally. The cost for this is free but the following is required.

1. Resident of Levy County by drivers license or alternate document
2. 50 rounds and your handgun to qualify
3. Eye and ear protection

Please call the Sheriffs office at 3524865111 to reserve your slot and ask for Lt Scott Finnen or email Thank you for your attention in this matter

Grow House Rainbow Lakes Estates

Date: Oct 5, 2009
Time: 10:30 AM
Rainbow Lakes Estates, Florida-On Oct 1, 2009, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force received information that subjects may be operating an indoor marijuana grow house at 11471 SE 136th Ter. in Dunnellon. After an initial investigation, information for a search warrant was obtained. The search warrant was then executed on Oct 1, 2009 in the late afternoon. Upon entry, the task force discovered 3 hidden rooms through a passageway located behind a refrigerator. These rooms were used for the cultivation and processing of marijuana. They had an intricate support mechanism made up of an advanced watering system, several grow lights and air conditioning needed to make this facility work. Agents state that it appeared that they had already harvested one marijuana crop since moving in early this year. As a result of this investigation, 4.5 pounds of processed marijuana was seized along with 105 marijuana plants. This makes the total seizure have a street value of over $100,000.

Arrested in the investigation were:

Duniesky Alfonso Soccorro
20255 SW122 Ave 103
Miami Florida 33177
Wm dob 1/8/76 born Cuba

Conspiracy to Traffic Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana More than 20 grams

Abelardo mesa Rojas
11471 SE 136th Terrace
Dunnellon, Florida
Wm dob 4/22/53 born Cuba

Conspiracy to traffic Marijuana
Cultivation of Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana More than 20 gms
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Maintaining a Drug Dwelling

Rocio I. Mesa is married to Abelardo Mesa Rojas
703 south west 100 court cir
Miami Fl 33274
Dob 8/21/1964 born Columbia
Conspiracy to Traffic Marijuana
Cultivation of Marijuana

Andres Camilo Gonzales
8842 W Flagler St Apt 208
Miami FL 33174
Dob 6/25/89 Born Columbia
Conspiracy to Traffic Marijuana