Month: September 2009

Man Assaults Firemen With Knife

IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                September 16, 2009 Time:                3:45 PM   Morriston, Florida-On September 15, 2009 Deputy Prine arrested Delrich Bess for two counts of aggravated assault on firemen and also arrested a 17 year juvenile for disorderly conduct.   The Morriston Fire Department responded to 21671 SE 70th Street in reference to persons burning tires behind the residence.  Upon the Fire Departments arrival and attempting to extinguish the fire Bess assaulted two firemen by swinging a 12 inch knife in a threatening manner.  Bess placed the two firemen in fear of their life and they were forced to retreat in the fire truck.    Upon arrival Deputy Prine made contact with Bess and the juvenile and questioned them about the allegations.  Deputy Prine questioned Bess about the incident and Bess claimed that he did not have a knife.  During the investigation Bess and the juvenile were extremely abrasive towards Deputy Prine by using profanity.   Deputy Prine arrested Bess for two counts of aggravated assault on firemen and the juvenile was charged with disorderly conduct.  After Bess was placed in the patrol car he stated that he had a knife but never verbally threatened the victims.  Bess is currently in the Levy County Jail on a $ 20,000 bond.   Defendant:   Delrich Kenyon Bess 2264 NW 12th Street Ocala, FL. Black Male 06/23/87     ###

Couple Arrested In Interference With Custody

IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE Date:                       September 16, 2009 Time:                       9:00 AM   Williston, Florida-On September 15, 2009 Deputy Crooms arrested William Bennett and Lori Bennett for interference of custody and resisting arrest without violence.   On September 14, 2009 Levy County deputies went to 5250 NE 153 Court in reference to a court order.  The court order was signed by the honorable Circuit Judge Stan Griffis III and directed law enforcement to remove Daniel Bennett from his parents William and Lori Bennett.  Daniel Bennett is 31 years of age and is severely handicapped.  The court order directed law enforcement to place Daniel in the custody of his brother Christopher Bennett.  Upon arrival at the residence Lori Bennett refused to comply with the court order and barricaded herself in the home.  Deputies endeavored to negotiate with Lori Bennett for several hours to open the door but she refused and would laugh at deputies. The court order did not allow deputies to forcibly enter the residence and they were forced to leave the premises.   On September 15, 2009 Judge Stan Griffis III amended the guardianship court order.  The new court order directed any duly authorized law enforcement officers to take any measure necessary to protect and conserve the person and property of Daniel Bennett.  The new measures included but not limited to entering the Bennett’s home by force if necessary to retrieve Daniel Bennett and place him in the custody of his brother.    On September 15, 2009 Deputy Crooms, Sergeant Turner and Captain Anderson went to the Bennett’s residence to enforce the guardianship court order.  Upon arrival Lori Bennett would not open the door and Sergeant Turner read Lori the court order.  Lori Bennett continued to not comply with the court order and Sergeant Turner advised her that the door would be breached and she could possibly be arrested to refusing a court order.    Due to Lori Bennett’s non compliance the door was breached and upon entering the home she pushed Captain Anderson and attempted to run towards Daniel.  Captain Anderson deployed his department issued taser and Lori was subdued.  During the investigation William Bennett was arrested for not complying with deputies verbal orders to get on the ground and he had to be physical restrained.  The couple was charged with interference of custody which is a third degree felony and resisting arrest without violence.   Defendant:   William Bennett 5250 NE 153 Court Williston, Fl White Male 10/03/58   Lori Bennett 5250 N 153 Court Williston, Fl. White Female 09/30/59     ###

Church Burglaries On The Rise In The North Central Florida Area


Date: September 16, 2009
Time: 11:45 AM

Over the last few weeks there have been three burglaries that have targeted churches in Levy County. Lt. Scott Tummond has met with other law enforcement agencies in an endeavor to share information and intelligence on the church burglaries. It has been determined that there have been close to 30 church burglaries over several counties which show an alarming trend towards houses of worship.

We are asking for your help in solving these crimes. We have also enclosed a surveillance video depicting a white male committing a burglary at the Methodist Church in Dunnellon Florida. It is unknown if this person in the video is responsible for the church burglaries in Levy County. If you have any information regarding any church burglaries in or around Levy County please call Lt. Scott Tummond at 352-486-5111 or you can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477.


White Male###

Newberry Woman Arrested For Second DUI In A Month

IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                September 14, 2009 Time:                3:00 PM   Bronson, Florida-On September 9, 2009 Deputy Allen Breeding arrested Jessica Lauren Creasman for driving under the influence.   On September 9, 2009 an off duty Alachua County Deputy observed a red Chevrolet truck running other vehicles off the roadway in Alachua County.  The off duty deputy sheriff requested help and an on duty Alachua County deputy sheriff responded and stopped the vehicle in Levy County at 12150 NE CR-337.     Deputy Breeding responded to the scene and identified the driver as Jessica Lauren Creasman.  A road side sobriety test was given to Creasman and she was unable to successfully pass the test.  Creasman was arrested for driving under the influence and cited for having an open container in the vehicle.    Upon arrival at the jail Creasman consented to a breath test and blew a .174 and a .170 which is over twice the legal limit.  Creasman was driving on a permit from a previous driving under influence arrest in Alachua County on September 1, 2009.  

Creasman was given a $ 10,000 dollar bond at first appearance.
Jessica Lauren Creasman
3715 SW 202 Street
Newberry, Fl.
White Female


Man Arrested At Bronson Post Office

IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                September 14, 2009 Time:                2:30 PM   Bronson, Florida-On September 10, 2009 K-9 Deputy Clint Anderson arrested Richard Lee Lyons for disorderly intoxication at the Bronson Post Office.   Deputy Anderson responded to the Bronson Post Office in reference to a white male panhandling at the Bronson Post Office.  Upon arrival Deputy Anderson made contact with Lyons who appeared to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.  When Lyons was questioned he was unsteady on his feet and stated that he was looking for money.  Lyons became belligerent by yelling profanities and he was arrested for disorderly intoxication.   Defendant:   Richard Lee Lyons Homeless White Male 07/30/53       ###