Month: June 2009

Federal Fugitive Duane Green

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                June 16, 2009 Time:                9:00 PM   Morriston, Florida-On June 16, 2009 an employee with the Division of Forestry was mowing and located a red Ford Explorer abandoned in the Tide Water area off County Road 337.  Employee with the Division of Forestry immediately called the Levy County Sheriff’s Office when he located a subject lying on the ground unresponsive in the Goethe Forest.   Deputy Joseph Sabbag responded to the scene and confirmed that the male subject was deceased.  Through the investigation Deputies learned that the abandoned truck was registered to John Duane Green from Hernando County.  Green was a wanted fugitive by the US Marshals Service for child pornography.  Earlier this morning Green failed to appear in Federal Court and a be on the lookout (BOLO) was issued by the US Marshals Service.  In the BOLO it stated that Green was wanted and he is an avid hunter and may possibly be in Levy County armed with a handgun and could have suicidal tendencies.   The decease was positively identified as Mr. Green and he had apparently died from a self inflicted gun shot wound.   Decease:   John Duane Green 6415 North Flower Terrace Hernando, Florida White Male 06/22/57   ###        

Arrest Philip Pennypacker

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                June 15, 2009 Time:                1:00 PM   Inglis, Florida-On June 11, 2009 Deputy Joseph Sabbag arrested Philip White Pennypacker for three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer.   Alachua County Sheriff’s Office was looking for a dark in color Mustang that was involved in numerous robberies in their county.  Pennypacker was observed driving a blue Mustang and an Alachua County Deputy attempted to stop him.  Pennypacker refused to pull over and sped off at a high rate of speed.  Pennypacker crashed into a Fire Rescue Ambulance and several other vehicles in Alachua County.    The pursuit continued to Levy County on SR-24 and Deputy Sabbag attempted to end the chase by deploying stop sticks prior to Pennypacker driving into the City of Bronson. During the pursuit Pennypacker with the use of his car attempted to hit three Levy County Deputies during the chase.       The chase continued to Inglis and ended when Pennypacker ran out of gas in front of the Horse Hole Mud Boggs.  Pennypacker was immediately arrested and he stated that he watched Cops on television and thought the chase was fun.     Defendant:   Philip White Pennypacker 1450 SW Ellzey Road Otter Creek, Florida White Male 10/13/86   ###

Arrest Deborah Hart

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                June 15, 2009 Time:                1:45 PM   Bronson, Florida-On June 8, 2009 Deputy Joseph Sabbag arrested Deborah Hart for disorderly intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and solicitation to commit lewd acts.   Deputy Sabbag responded to the Bronson Motel in reference to a white female intoxicated and was offering the migrant workers sexual favors for the exchange of drugs.  The Bronson Motel manager told the female to leave the property or she would call the Sheriff’s Office.  Hart yelled obscenities to the manager and stated that the cops would not do anything to her.   Deputy Sabbag located Hart walking and extremely intoxicated.  Hart was in possession of a homemade pipe and inside the tin foil was marijuana residue.  Hart was arrested for the listed charges and she was transported to the Levy County Jail.     Defendant:   Deborah Hart 10151 NE 72 Street Bronson, Florida White Female 08/26/63   ###

Sexual Predator

MEDIA RELEASE   Sexual Predator Date:                June 15, 2009 Time:                11:30 AM   Fanning Springs, Florida-On June 10, 2009 David Darius Hale has registered with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office as a sexual predator.  Hale was previously residing at 11790 NE 107 Terrace Archer, Florida and has moved to 17210 NW Highway 19 in Room # 3 Fanning Springs, Florida.   Hale was convicted in 2005 for lewd and lascivious molestation of a child less than 12 years of age.       Sexual Predator:   David Darius Hale 17210 NW Highway 19 Room # 3 Fanning Springs, Florida White Male 02/18/57      ###

All Terrain Vehicles

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                June 3, 2009 Time:                9:30 AM   Bronson, Florida-The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in All Terrain Vehicles complaints this year.  I recognize that Levy County is a rural area and many people own ATV’s.  Last year there was a tragic ATV accident in the Williston area resulting in a small child losing his life.  I would like to inform you of the laws pertaining to ATV’s and give you some safety tips to prevent you from being a victim of an ATV accident.   In 2006 the Florida Legislature passed a law allowing ATV’s to be operated on any public roads or streets during the daytime hours on an unpaved roadway where the posted speed limit is less than 35 miles per hour by a licensed driver.  The Levy County Commissioners on October 17, 2006 passed County Ordinance 90-3 stating it is unlawful to operate an ATV on any roadway, paved or unpaved streets in Levy County.  In Levy County there are several locations to legally ride and have good quality family time when riding your ATV.   Under Florida State Statue 316.2074 (3) it is unlawful for any person 16 years of age or under to operate or be a passenger on an ATV without a helmet and safety goggles. No person shall be a passenger on an ATV that is not designed or equipped for said person.   ATV Safety Tips:  

  1. Wear a helmet & eye protection at all times.
  2. Do not carry passengers on an ATV.
  3. Do not let young or inexperienced riders operate ATVs without training & supervision.
  4. Do not use alcohol or other drugs when riding.
  5. Always maintain a safe distance between riders.
  6. Always let someone know where you are riding.
  7. Never ride alone.
  8. Always ride at a safe and responsible speed.  Know your abilities and don’t exceed those levels.
  9. Make sure the ATV is in safe working condition.